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“Collaboration in a changing business world” was the 2018 theme of the WIL Group Conference in London and Windsor at the end of April. Very odd to have seen Windsor again on the television in May but now as the stage of the Royal Wedding of Harry and Megan. True collaboration between two worlds one could say. The classical and traditional way of the British fusing with the extrovert, dynamic character of the ‘New World’. The Royal Family in transition maybe even in disruption. What an art to merge these two clashing cultures into a marvelous wedding event. Overcoming cultural barriers, adjusting procedures and rites. Inevitable changes that had to be dealt with and they succeeded.

Our unique asset

There are strong similarities with the fast changing and technological world we live in. Time is crucial and businesses of today have no choice other than to be agile and collaborative. Collaboration is about trustworthy practitioners working together towards the same goals and sharing mutual ambitions. Among the 19 WIL Group members we do have a mutual ambition; becoming the ‘preferred supplier’ of executives and transformation management solutions to companies all over the world. Our unique asset, a talent pool of 40.000 highly qualified executives, accessible by all member firms enables us to deliver superior solutions to our global clients. At the conference we did set new challenging goals, initiated actions and last but not least strengthened our relations and made new contacts. After all, all business is people business.