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Interim management - In General

Mandaat Interim Management is the ideal solution when you require some extra power, need a particular level of experience or knowledge, or when you’re facing hard times. When a new face comes in, they get things done. They bring specific knowledge.
Fresh blood revitalizes the organization. Transformation processes can be accelerated and are more effective that way. Interim management creates a sense of urgency, enabling a ‘burning platform’ that forces people and the organization to begin the change. At other times, it helps to solve an unanticipated job opening. It can be a quick fix, to bridge the gap left by illness or departure.

You may recognize these situations:

Strong growth of your organization

  • New ventures
  • New markets
  • Improved and revised systems and technologies
  • Integrating an acquired business
  • Sudden changes in key positions

A sudden decrease in market size

  • Significant loss of orders or customers
  • Projects underperforming
  • Pressure on working capital and cash flow
  • Rising costs, falling prices, squeezed margins
  • Your company finds itself in some heavy weather

Mandaat Interim Management

Just some of the more general advantages of interim management from Mandaat:

  • Our managers are overqualified, offering a track record of experience (you probably would not get, let alone keep, this level of talent)
  • Can jump straight in
  • Full control of the level of commitment, the client decides
  • Highly flexible, short period of notice
  • Independent interim managers guaranteed; no past links, no future links
  • Easier to execute unpopular measures that simply must be implemented
  • Moving beyond damaged relationships.
  • New managers are unknown quantities, so they can immediately establish obedience
  • Fresh ideas, clean break with “the way we do things round here”
  • 100% accountable, responsible for results

It’s time to get serious about interim management

We don’t engage in interim management just for the fun of it, but because it’s an effective solution for particular situations! Call us to schedule a meeting with one of our experts, so we can take a closer look at your situation.

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