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We get to the bottom of things. Together.

We know what it’s like when you’re up against it. We’ve been there, had sleepless nights, worried about cash flow, experienced how the relation with your bank can deteriorate. And we also know that, no matter how big the problem, there is always a solution.

Interim Management

Mandaat Interim Management is the ideal solution when you require some extra power, need a particular level of experience or knowledge, or when you’re facing hard times. When a new face comes in, they get things done. They bring specific knowledge. Fresh blood revitalizes the organization. Transformation processes can be accelerated and are more effective that way. Continued here…

Long-term hires

We answer our clients’ demands quickly, exclusively and with great efficacy. We deal with requests ourselves. There is no time for protracted people searches that lack creativity. Instead, you’re looking for managers that want to start yesterday and are eager to make a success of it. Continued here…

Mandaat Support

Need someone who will fit right in? Come to us for managers that specialize in the medium- and small-sized enterprise. After the intake meeting, Mandaat provides you with a permanent interim worker for 2-3 days per month. Someone who will not just help you keep control of your company, but whose strong analytical skills will unearth matters that might have remained under the radar. Continued here…