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One of the largest talent pools available internationally, to find matching professionals for any location on earth.

The WIL Group

The WIL group (Worldwide Interim Leadership Group) is a global network of interim management firms, boasting one of the largest international talent pools in the world, to find matching professionals, anywhere in the world.
At the end of 2016, Mandaat was approached to become the WIL Group’s Dutch representative. WIL Group encompasses the network of 18 interim management companies from around the world. The group has a talent pool of over 40,000 interim professionals.

Mandaat uses its Flexpat practice to bring the right interim manager across the border and into position. The opportunities that WIL Group offers us are being used to get even more results for our Flexpat clients.
We can now offer our customers multi-sourcing on an international scale. Additionally, foreign companies with Dutch subsidiaries are referred to Mandaat by our partners in the WIL Group, for management solutions within the Netherlands.

Together with the WIL Group

In partnership with WIL Group, Mandaat wants to become the most internationally active management service company of the Netherlands. This ambition links us to the ever-increasing international ambitions of Dutch and European companies.

With activities in 37 countries, the WIL Group is a tight-knit group of firms that help each other to fulfil positions, both interim and long-term, that would fall outside the working scope of each individual member.

5 services are offered worldwide:
• Performance enhancement
• Transformation of companies
• Restructuring & turnaround
• Private equity services
• Project deployment & programme management

Together, the members of the WIL Group can access a talent pool of over 40,000 candidates.
With its membership, Mandaat gives its clients exclusive access to this network.

WIL Group web site