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Interim Management Netherlands

Whatever the situation is, whatever circumstances the company finds itself in, Interim management from Mandaat will focus on delivering results and finding solutions. There are no “one size fits all” solutions. Mandaat solutions are made to measure. Your requests are given the personal attention of a Mandaat Senior Associate from the very beginning. Whether it is crisis management, a transformation process, project management, or temporary substitution for another manager, we give our dedicated personal attention.

Mandaat has many years of experience in achieving success in interim management assignments for SMEs, family businesses, mid-corporates and multinationals.

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Mandaat has spent the past 20 years building a network of highly qualified interim professionals.

The network contains a large variety of highly qualified professionals. This includes:

    • Crisis managers
    • Integration managers
    • Transition specialists
    • Change managers
    • Finance managers
    • C-level executives; CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CCOs

The nature of an interim assigment can be very different from the initial reasons that led to the request.

Interim Management is commonly called upon when an organization is faced with a project that lies outside of its usual scope and skillset. A manager with certain qualities and skills can be brought in to reinforce and append the organization. Once the project is completed, this additional human resource can simply be released.

By temporarily instating one of Mandaat’s “overqualified” interim professionals, the project can be completed on time and within budget. Or your improvement program can be durably achieve its goals.

Available management resources can change unexpectedly, because of disagreement, termination, or illness. This can necessitate the installation of a professional who can bridge the gap, a transitional manager.

This creates some time to reassess the tasks and requirements for the position, to carefully determine the right profile of a successor, whilst business can continue as usual.

Mandaat, Management that works.

Looking for interim management within the Netherlands?

Interim Management creates a sense of urgency. It enables a ‘burning platform’ that forces people and the organization to begin the change. It can also serve to anticipate unpredictable job openings, to bridge a gap, or to take the place of someone who has fallen ill.

Management of firms that are involved with the ‘special assets department’ of their bank is one of Mandaat’s specialisms.
Do you need a recovery specialist in the Netherlands? Then contact us at (+31)88-6263228 or get in touch with Jan directly.

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