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Flexpats from Mandaat.

Doing business abroad. Adapting to a different culture.

Customs and conventions and ‘the way we do things around here’ can sometimes lead to nasty surprises. Integrating a foreign acquisition can similarly lead to rather unexpected challenges. Hiring a Flexpat Manager from Mandaat will lift your foreign venture to the next level.

No borders, no limits. How you can do business in a foreign market. (.pdf)

Are you looking for some support in a foreign venture?

At Mandaat, we love accepting challenges. As a member of the WIL Group, we supply experienced, knowledgeable managers who don’t just know local customs and practices, but who are equally up to speed with headquarters’ agenda. Managers that have lived in that country before and who most often speak the language. The WIL Group Talent Pool gives us access to the very best local professionals.

International management

They are flexible managers, willing to work abroad for shorter or longer periods of time. With experience at both small and large firms, they can be the linking pin between head office and the local subsidiary. Mandaat has their back, supporting them from a distance, with a personal point of contact and proactive assistance.

Want to know more about our flexpats?

What are Flexpats?

A flexpat offers you the assurance of a Dutch professional in your foreign branch. Expanding into other countries challenges all of us in ways we wouldn’t expect. Whether we represent a large or a small firm. Whether we concern ourselves with acquisitions, joint ventures, or greenfield investments.

Trading abroad: risky business

Is there enough people power available at management level to get the new venture off the ground? Doing business abroad means taking action in another culture, another language. Customs and conventions are different, proceeding according to our own custom can create conflicts.

Listen to our Flexpats commercial on BNR Newsradio (in Dutch)

Business Cases in Other Countries

Good luck abroad! (PDF)

Integrating a foreign acquisition can lead to unexpected issues. Mandaat has supported many Dutch firms to make a success of it abroad. Our successful Flexpats service supports companies in maximizing their span of control over their international activities.

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