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Mandaat Interim Management. The ideal solution when you require some extra power.

Mandaat has an Interim Management Network that offers you access to interim management professionals that can make the difference.
No matter if it’s crisis management, transition management, an integration project, or change management. We deliver management personnel that has a successful track record of executive positions and that set the tone professionally, whether for a specific area of expertise, or their general management skillset.

Mandaat has spent its days building a network of highly qualified interim professionals that can be deployed immediately to suit your requirements. This has been our way for decades.

Mandaat Added Value:

  • It’s hard to get or keep professionals that fit your desired profile on a permanent basis
  • Immediate deployment, highly flexible, short notice period
  • Ability to take and push through unpopular but necessary measures
  • Ability to repair broken down relationships
  • Can open the eyes of the company when it has become closed-minded
  • 100 percent accountable, responsible for achieving results

Mandaat Interim Management

Mandaat knows the interim management personnel it provides. We select with care. We conduct personal intake meetings and initial interviews. This ensures that our interim management portfolio is of very high quality.

Interim management professionals from Mandaat gets things moving. They can think strategically and move immediately to operational implementation. They recognize that Mandaat and its clients value a hands-on mentality as a basic requirement.

Every interim assignment is handled by a Mandaat Senior Associate from the outset, and this continues without interruption into track management. We offer “shadow management” to support and back up our interim professionals. Interim management must deliver results. Clear and tangible goals outline the task for each interim project, to be achieved in a given time period.

Interim Management - Netherlands

Is it time to get serious about Interim Management? Mandaat offers Interim Management solutions for domestic and international markets. Call us to schedule a meeting with one of our experts, so we can take a closer look at your situation.

Interim Management Netherlands

Interim Management - International

We pride ourselves on being specialists in sending out management professionals to your international markets, for interim jobs, or the longer term. No matter where you do business, Mandaat comes up with management solutions that match your needs. That includes implementing strategic plans, post-merger, crisis and change management.

Interim Management Intrenational

When do you contact Mandaat Interim Management?

Mandaat makes a connection with its clients. We like direct and open communication. We act on our promises and keep our appointments and their results. We are focused on solutions and results, and we are capable of advising our clients to come to the best-fitting solution for each assignment, at home or abroad.

Strong growth of your organization

  • New ventures
  • New markets
  • Improved and revised systems and technologies
  • Integrating an acquired business
  • Sudden changes in key positions
  • Disruptive market entrants

A sudden decrease in market size

  • Significant loss of orders or customers
  • Projects underperforming
  • Pressure on working capital and cash flow
  • Rising costs, falling prices, squeezed margins
  • Your company finds itself in some heavy weather