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Interim Management

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When “business as usual” no longer continues “as usual” …

Your specialist partner for interim management positions at home and abroad.

We effectuate the best suited solutions for the challenging dynamics of business.

Interim Management Netherlands

Executive Interim Management of supreme quality: it is the best solution when incisive measures are called for. When specific experience or knowledge are required, Mandaat. When the company is up against it, Mandaat.
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Interim Management International

The assurance of a Dutch professional abroad’. Doing business abroad means adapting to a different culture. Mandaat sends out Flexpats, highly skilled managers that are almost immediately available.
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Crisis Management

We specialize in solving difficulties when a business runs into heavy weather. We’re there for you when an SME is worried about (short-term) cash flow, or experiences a deteriorating relationship with the bank.
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Executive Search

Mandaat offers your company executives that specialize in change management, corporate restructuring, project management, strategic advice, and implementation programs.
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Executive Interim Management.

National and international interim Management Services.

National and International Interim Management Services
Do you require experience in specific areas, or thorough knowledge for your Dutch office, or indeed an office in another country? Or do you need interim management support, because the tide is against you at the moment? Our broad network includes suitable managers in the areas of:

  • Crisis management
  • Transition management
  • Change management
  • Recovery
  • Restructuring projects
  • Implementation programs

Executive Interim Management is the logical solution to get people and the organization moving again. Mandaat carefully selects general managers and functional specialists in the areas of Finance, Commerce, HR, Operations, Supply Chain Management and Procurement.
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Case study & Portfolio

Interim Management & Entrepreneurship: meeting the challenge and coming out victorious.

Mandaat offers made-to-measure services in finding the right interim professional for the job. Our large network of interim heavyweights is our strength, and Mandaat uses this network both in the Dutch market and internationally. We operate in many industries, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • International Trade
  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Energy
  • Services

On the basis of our experience as entrepreneurs, we believe in the value of co-operation, people connections, and our personal involvement in each assignment, from beginning to end. Mandaat offers advice and support for operational, but above all tactical and strategic business challenges.
Please browse a selection of the assignments we have completed. They make a compelling and inspiring case for our employment, to deliver results and solutions for you.

Case study & Portfolio

SME / Owner-Manager Support

Are you looking for the right match? You can always count on us to find you managers that specialize in SMEs and professionals who support the Owner-manager…

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The rate of change is ever-increasing. Mandaat keeps its finger on the pulse of business development. For, if nothing else, we know tomorrow will be different from today. That’s why transition management is needed! With Mandaat, you can prepare for sudden changes and disruptive tendencies.

1 July 2022 in Nieuws


'Be prepared for the storm’, was het over all thema van Skûtsjesilen met JBR in Earnewald, Friesland. Het Mandaat en JBR Interim team organiseerde op 29 juni dit zeilevent voor…
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We’re entrepreneurs. We’ve had our ups and downs. This allows us to understand that it’s not always easy to ask for help. But it is by far the best thing you can do to meet the challenges your company faces.