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"Freedom is essential for me" interview with personal Matching Platform for RvC, RvT and RvA (PMP)-Diederik van den Biggelaar

By 14 November 2019Nieuws
In This new series of interviews we speak with Commissioners about the profession and their experiences. Why have they become a Commissioner? What are any pitfalls? And of course, what have they learned? This time: Diederik van den Biggelaar, entrepreneur, director and advisor. "I know the pitfalls that drivers and entrepreneurs can fall into." When do you say ' yes ' when you are asked for a Sb? "I see myself more as an adviser. If a DGA or general manager asks me to come into the RvA to think with him or her, I quickly rush my ears. Because it is from an intrinsic interest that I am asked, not because it is formally necessary for me to be there, as in a Sb. The latter feels more like a little moan for me, and that doesn't motivate me. " What motivates you though? "Friction, tension, exploring new markets, entrepreneurship. I find lots of things interesting, so I say pretty soon yes to things. It's nice to work with others to see how organizations can grow, to think along and give advice. Preferably in a small organization, because there you have influence and the risks are greater. I love it, then it matters. " Is that at the same time a pitfall that you want to influence? "Sure, that's the biggest pitfall. I am used as an entrepreneur to take decisions and do things. I am therefore not the ideal Commissioner. You have to take a step back in that role. But I like to be a coach, and Inspirator. I am much more than a controller. And that does fit in an RvA. " What kind of organisations do you play or played a role as adviser or Commissioner? "There is hardly a line in it. I have been active at EBN Finance Company, very financially, but also at a serious gaming party (Ice Fountain), at SoFine Foods, which prepares and sells plant food and since a year and a half with FOX, a company in printing clothing. I have the most feeling with consumer goods, from my years of experience in Dancing with Jansen and of course Heineken (see ' About Diederik '). If you ask me, what really makes you tick? That's still beer. I also advised a small beer brewery – which has now been sold to Bavaria. " You now have your own interim management office mandate. Why do you still have these advisory functions? "I like to use my knowledge and experience to help others. Those flying hours are simply useful, for example to avoid mistakes. I am also no longer stressed so quickly, because I have seen everything and know the pitfalls in the field of management and business operations that drivers and entrepreneurs can fall into. That is really the luck of entrepreneurship, because you cannot succeed without first failing. " Can you give an example of such a trap? "For example, I helped implement SAP automation system. I have done that more often and I know very well what can go wrong. And then there is such an external company that says that they can do it for you for a few moments. But that is not the way. You have to think carefully about that, because in the chain there can be a lot of wrong. I would like to advise on such matters. " Where do the Commissioners have to look even more carefully?  "I think everyone can finally read and review the financial statements. But do you also get to hear the story of the shop floor? As for me the litmus test when accepting an RvC function: Does the board allow you to walk around the company independently? Do he let you talk to employees about the company's course? If a management has trouble with that – and there are many that have it – you really have to think seriously if you have to take the job. Because the freedom to talk to people and get to know the company is essential, as far as I am concerned. " Finally, how do you look at the future? "You know, when you're young you all have great plans. Then you want to end up there and there. But around my fiftieth I realized that life never goes as you have planned. I follow my heart and that is now my institution. "

About Diederik

Diederik van den Biggelaar (64) was a fellow nightclub dancing with Jansen at his student time. He then worked for Heineken in the Horeca division as well as internationally. He finished his career at Heineken as Director of Export Europe and Japan. Then several advisory functions followed. Meanwhile, he has been the owner of Interim Management Bureau mandate for nine years. Link to the original article [/vc_column_text]