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‘Obviously, my cv was remarkable and weird.

I had been enrolled at University for nine years and was Heineken’s second biggest customer with the student disco we ran in Amsterdam.’ Diederik van den Biggelaar (61) looks back in time. ‘One day, one of the people at Heineken told me to drop by when I was done with all this. When that moment came, I was too old to be a trainee. Additionally, I had already been around the block once or twice.’

When he joins the beer corporation, Van den Biggelaar is handed a green folder with customers. He goes out as a sales rep, visiting bars in Rotterdam neighborhoods, such as Charlois, Pendrecht and De Kaap. ‘Sure, I was a success with my own student nightclub. But this was a different situation altogether.’

‘You would run into gangmasters, illegal contractors, and the goods has a tendency to mysteriously disappear. It was a full-on culture shock….’ (Rest continues in Dutch)

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