Our Mandaat network and records, carefully crafted and maintained every day since 2000, allow us to effectively supply candidates for permanent employment.

Our unique proposition

  • Our files are filled with professionals of broad experience and exceptional quality.
  • Candidates can start an assignment almost immediately and see it through.
  • Candidates are generally entrepreneurial and many have experience at international level.
  • Managers with an analytical mind, thinking strategically and acting expediently.
  • Flexible contract terms can be discussed with the candidate.

We answer our clients’ demands quickly, exclusively and with great efficacy. We deal with requests ourselves. There is no time for protracted people searches that lack creativity. Instead, you’re looking for managers that want to start yesterday and are eager to make a success of it.

Our terms are competitive, we work on limited periods of exclusivity. We usually get to work on the basis of trust and a no-cure, no-pay policy.