Your specialist partner for interim management positions at home and abroad.

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We generate the best suited solutions for the challenging dynamics of business.


Interim Management

Mandaat Interim Management is the ideal solution when you require some extra power, need a particular level of experience or knowledge, or when you’re facing hard times…
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‘The assurance of a Dutch professional abroad’. Doing business abroad means adapting to a different culture…
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SME/Entrepreneurial Support

Looking for a close professional match? You can count on us to provide managers that specialize in SMEs and entrepreneurial support…
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About Us

Together, we get to the bottom of things

We work as part of a strong team. Our team has people that supplement and enhance each other. A unit of co-operative, driven professionals. People that work hard and play hard, for great results and lots of fun.

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Case study

Think, dare, but especially: act!
Running a business is meeting challenges and conquering them.

Mandaat managers help organizations in facing those challenges in places all over the globe. Wondering how? Please take a look at a selection of tasks that we fulfilled. They form inspirational evidence of Mandaats ability to deliver solutions and results.

Case studies

At Mandaat, we’re always looking for hands-on, prepared and experienced professionals.

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The rate of change is ever-increasing. Mandaat keeps its finger on the pulse of business development. For, if nothing else, we know tomorrow will be different from today. That’s why transition management is needed! With Mandaat, you can prepare for sudden changes and disruptive tendencies.


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We’re entrepreneurs. We’ve had our ups and downs. This allows us to understand that it’s not always easy to ask for help. But it is by far the best thing you can do to revitalize your company.