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Diederik van den Biggelaar in the spotlight

By 4 August 2020Nieuws

Diederik van den Biggelaar in the media spotlight at the end of July

In the last week of July '20, our partner and owner of Mandate, Diederik van den Biggelaar, made it to the media a number of times. On 29 July, he made the front page of the FD with his powerful additions to the article: "Intervention threatens many companies because of payment problems". On page 13 of this same edition of the FD there is even a complete page dedicated to him with the article: "Business doctor warns SMEs: banks have less patience." In this, Diederik delves deeper into the special management department of the banks, his own experiences and some advice for entrepreneurs of SMEs. The volkskrant also picked up a strong quote from Diederik to place on page 20 on 30 July '20. "The banks have learned from their American counterparts: bite the bullet, and right away." Finally, on 29-07 '20, Diederik was a guest of Jörgen Raymann on his radio show Ask me Anything for an hour at radio station BNR. This broadcast was full of wisdom about the impending problems caused by Covid-19. You can listen to this broadcast on the website of BNR ( Date: 29-07-20 Time: 11:00-12:00. If you are an abbonnee at the FD, you can read the articles listed below via the links below: