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Management Drives

In several areas, he is closely involved in various activities of Mandate, has been able to evaluate individuals and teams through the method of Management Drives.

The Mandate Team has the privilege of being able to increase self-knowledge individually and as a team. The feedback and evaluation session led by Goof has been preceded by completing individual online questionnaires. These have been processed and interpreted by Goof.

The results are discussed individually and in the group with us. Management Drives Indicates the focus of the individual and the team as a whole. Where do you get energy from and where you lose energy. What is strongly represented in the team and where are the points of interest. Very practical handles to strengthen yourself, each other and cooperation. We recognized ourselves well in the outcomes. Who wants to know You as a reader (es) of course, but we recommend that you go and discover yourself with us… A must for teams and individuals to work even better and collaborate.