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Crisis Management

There are many kinds of crisis that can hit a company. They can cripple operations and decision making. For instance, a lack of liquid assets can disrupt everyday operations. This can affect your employees, with even more dire consequences. They become fearful and lose their self-confidence. Customers and suppliers can pick up on that, and a chain reaction can ensue.

Mandaat Interim Managers have ample experience in this kind of situation. They keep a cool head, manage cash flows, and bring the ship about.

Doing Business in Heavy Weather

Liquiditiy issues and facing a business storm

Mandaat possesses a strong track record getting companies out of heavy weather situations. The special asset managers of the bank are often involved, but we also help out in situations of bad luck when liquidity has become an issue.

Our restructuring specialists are highly experienced and see it as their mission to improve a company’s results. They map different product-market combinations, analyze them, and find ways to implement new tactics for the company as if it were their own.

Of course, getting down to the implementation phase and going to work with the owners is in our nature, but this may be too far-fetched for your liking. Which is why we have developed an alternative. The Mandaat Sketch is a Quick Scan research program that investigates your organization in 2-3 weeks to map out the issues, and to present the opportunities for improvement.

Special Asset Management by Banks

Managing a company during a period when it needs to deal with the special asset managers of a major bank is one of Mandaat’s special skills. It is a situation that demands a manager with strong finance skills and more general management qualities. The market situation may be difficult, and so will the state of the organization, which will lead to anxiety among the parties involved. Co-operation suffers, emotions rise, and the bigger picture gets lost.

Our experience in crisis management and looking after “special asset management” situations gives you the best guarantee of success.