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Think, dare, but especially: act!
Running a business is meeting challenges and conquering them.

Mandaat managers help organizations to face those challenges, across the globe. Wondering how? Please take a look at a selection of assignments we completed. They form inspirational evidence of Mandaat’s ability to deliver solutions and results.

Interim management

An interim manager joins a company in heavy weather.

This well-recognized company had slipped down the ranks through a lack of vision and innovation. Our interim manager identified the problems and constructed a clear financial picture, and then went through a painful – yet also respectful – slimming down process, to nurse the company back to health. From there on, they could once again build for the business future.

Mandaat Flexpat GM – Bridging the management gap, China

The local Chinese manager suddenly packs up and leaves at the Chinese subsidiary of a Dutch provider of logistical systems and services. Head office is seriously concerned.

  • Will the departing GM set up a similar business?
  • Which staff members will he manage to persuade to join him?
  • Will he take away any accounts?
  • What is this going to cost us?

Mandaat is asked for its insights.
Within a few weeks, we are in a position to put a Dutch General Manager in place. This Flexpat interim manager has 10 to 12 years of experience in China.
Within a year, he has:

  • … calmed the organization down and stemmed the outflow of human capital.
  • … given people in the subsidiary plenty of reason to trust the parent company.
  • … raised sales and significantly improved margins and key ratios.
  • … increased efficiency.
  • … developed a strategy for the Chinese market.
  • … given HQ greater insight in the Chinese branch.
  • … helped his permanent successor pick up the job and learn to know the organization.

Mandaat Flexpat CFO – Post acquisition integration in Italy

The CFO of a Dutch publicly-traded company in FMCG contacts Mandaat at an early stage. Their confidential question concerns our ability to provide a Financial Integration Officer, who speaks Italian, in case they would take over a firm in that country. Mandaat already brings in the Dutch and Italian speaking CFO, during the due diligence process, to advise the client. Our candidate is highly experienced at Italo-Dutch integrations and gets to work in Italy the day after the acquisition becomes official.

One year on, the integration has run a smooth course, with all reporting and compliance issues solved without any problems related to language or cultural differences. Done and dusted.

Mandaat Flexpat Operations Manager – Supply Chain in Germany

Partially resulting from a worse-than-expected market situation, a multi-site corporation, working under a matrix organization model finds itself not meeting improvement targets of its operational program for Germany. When a Flexpat supply chain manager from Mandaat is brought in, expertise within the organization increases. Implementation of headquarters’ plans begins. Significant savings ensue and the German organization can now contribute to the European sourcing model that the company is promoting. Given the German success story, a similar project is started in the UK.

Mandaat Flexpat CFO/GM – Reporting and General Management in Moscow, Russia

A global industrial corporation in logistical systems has difficulties supplying Russian authorities with the required reports and filings. Its Russian subsidiary uses the internal reporting standards and is having a hard time meeting local reporting standards. Mandaat manages to solve the issue by bringing in a Russian-speaking accountant, taught in the Netherlands, but with many years of experience with Russia. The interim manager, initially viewed as an expert in Russian finance, turns out to have excellent general managerial skills, and has since gotten the General Manager job to lead the Moscow office.

Mandaat Flexpat CFO/CEO – Assignment in the Azeri subsidiary, Baku.

A worldwide service provider for the oil and gas industry faces financial disorder, disappointing results, and superfluous capital goods in Baku, Azerbaijan. They ask Mandaat for a Flexpat to be brought in. The Mandaat manager sells the capital goods in a short space of time and restores financial order. Even the board of directors hears of this success story. The manager is ultimately appointed CEO to the entire corporation of about 20,000 people.

Mandaat Flexpat E-Commerce Manager – Brussels, Belgium

This denim giant’s European headquarters in Brussels is aching for experienced people. People that can cope with the major challenges posed by the growth of e-commerce. Mandaat brings in a highly experienced and motivated manager, who works as an interim manager for several months, before accepting their offer for a permanent position.

Permanent Employment


A publicly-traded construction firm faces heavy weather as a result of overruns and incorrect estimations on projects. The tide is turned within 18 months by, among others, a hands-on CFO with great communication skills who is found through Mandaat. Stock prices more than double.

GM/Chief Commercial Officer

A Dutch high-end cosmetics firm is looking for commercial talent with international experience. Mandaat manages to link up the candidate and the client, resulting in the onboarding of an “overqualified” commercial manager as the new GM Benelux. Two years of exponential growth later, this manager is given worldwide responsibility.

Greenfield GM Romania

A Dutch company in Corporate gifting decides to move its entire logistics process to Romania, and to set up a printing production facility at the same location. Mandaat finds the ideal candidate, a Dutchman married to a Romanian woman and with many years of working experience in the country. This greenfield operation has managed to get off to a great start and has helped the company realize multiple years of double digit growth.

Procurement Manager

A semi-public government organization wants to streamline and professionalize its purchasing activities. They are looking for an experienced procurement manager to shape the transition, and to get it going. Getting support from within the organization is crucial. Mandaat provides a highly experienced procurement professional with change management skills, to successfully bring about the transformation.

GM- Site Director

A request comes in from the international WIL Group network: can Mandaat supply a Swedish firm in industrial lubricants with a General Manager for their Dutch subsidiary? Mandaat finds a young and ambitious manager from the industrial sector, who offers a great deal of operational experience in production, to lead this company.

Mandaat Support

The two shareholders of a company in the steel industry can no longer see eye to eye. The resulting tensions become unbearable and results begin to suffer. It takes about one year to complete the slow solution process: one shareholder buys out the other, and the company rediscovers its potential and thrives once more. The guiding hand during the process was Diederik van den Biggelaar, who continues to advise the firm.


A business in the hotel and catering industry has drifted from their successful methods of past years. It takes a thorough analysis, coaching, and the revival of some blasts from the past to return some of their credit facility and to bring the fun back in the owners’ working lives.