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Advertisements Mandate in the Financial Daily

Mandate in the Financial Daily

After Diederik van den Biggelaar's article in the FD on 16 April 2020, Mandate also started advertising in the FD. On 16 April 2020, the following major advertisement appeared in the FD in which Diederik van den Biggelaar, owner and partner of Mandate, named the expertise of Mandate in severe weather and special management situations. Through this road he reached out to companies that are in rough waters.

Further publications

As a follow-up to the above ad, Mandate has run a 5-week campaign in which from 18 May 2020 until 11 June 2020 an advertisement appears in the FD every week. In this way, Mandate is visibly active in the market of interim management. Below you can see the advertisement that will always be available in the FD in the coming weeks.