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Mandaat Academy

Mandaat has been a well-known Interim Management provider since 2000. We specialize in interim management personnel for transition processes. These are often heavy weather situations that entail a major turn-around. Beyond that, we have specialized in Flexpats, managers who can run foreign subsidiaries of Dutch and other multinationals. Here, as elsewhere, it is change that is the foundation for interim management needs. Change processes like the post-merger track, or a greenfield investment in production capacity.

We want to advance the field of transition and turn-around management. For that purpose, we have joined forces with Turnaround Professor Doctor Jan Adriaanse of Leiden University. We are trying to give more profundity to the field, and this is the reason we are organizing several meet-ups:

  • Annual 4-day Master Course
  • Alumni Evenings for participants in the Master Course
  • Several Mandaat evenings each year, with keynote speakers on transition management and dynamics.
  • A C-level meeting to discuss transition and turn-arounds. An afternoon/evening session under the guidance of an experienced debate moderator.

We hope to meet you at one of these events in the near future.

Master Course Transition Management

From now on, the business world will be in a permanent state of unrest. Not at the hands of economic crisis, but because globalization and the permeation of technology will continue indefinitely. Especially companies with long histories will be facing tough times, along with trades that are steeped in tradition instead of innovation. The longer a company exists, the harder it becomes to change deeply embedded principles and business models. This is an environment that demands new competencies from turn-around management. Managers can no longer depend on their years of experience and a focus on finance.

In the 21st century, turn-around management means focusing on the today, and even more on the tomorrow. It means focusing on new competencies and visions. The future asks for an understanding of the latest strategic management models, of disruptive developments, and knowledge of psychology, the theory of negotiation, marketing and branding, of value creation and of legal affairs.

The Master Course in Turn-around Management is a unique opportunity. Its contents look to the future, not at slashing and shakeups. It is about building a new perspective. A challenging, dynamic education in four days. Exclusive and of exceptional university-level quality. We venture from today’s experiences to tomorrows world. We delve into major turn-arounds and the SME. And we continually ask ourselves: what can I do with all of that on the shop floor, tomorrow morning?